As a leading workforce and process solutions company, our experienced team works across industries and project sizes to deliver results. Our model promotes shared success, without sacrificing quality and cost control.
We start by creating alignment  – Accion’s performance based labor model is designed around output, and deliverables…and not headcount and billable hours. Doing so allows us to help reduce hours and waste, and focus on maximizing employee effort – doing more with less – just like your company. This alignment ensures we are working harder and smarter for you so you can run your business with fewer distractions.
Our expertise can be applied to any labor-intensive process within your supply chain or back office. These are key areas we drive value to our clients by offering several unique labor models within inventory management, manufacturing/assembly services, distribution, value-added services/kitting, return/rework, sorting and quality control.

Our Solutions Begin With


Accion is paid based upon how well our team performs on key metrics like productivity, quality, and safety and our supervisors and workforce are incentivized to meet or beat those standards.


Our approach to pricing brings cost clarity in a simple and measurable way while increasing visibility to hidden costs like low productivity, high turnover, and the cost of poor quality.


Unlike traditional labor models, Accion’s performance based model is designed to reduce waste and maximize employee effort: “Doing more with less”.