It’s Summer, Let’s Work Smarter


Summer is almost here. Our family loves to get out and enjoy the weather this time of year because we can take our dogs out for long walks. We also like to get our bicycles out and ride all afternoon, or sit out on our deck and enjoy a drink…or three!

We try and maximize every spare moment we have during this time to be outside and enjoy the weather.  However, there are additional chores that come this time of year, otherwise known as yard work.

Many people that have a yard may not enjoy mowing each week. However, they know that it is a necessary evil and it must get done. Mowing your lawn doesn’t really add any value, aside from a pleasant view. It also takes time away from doing things you really enjoy with your family.

This is very similar to other facilities in multiple industries. There is typically an area in the facility where rework, assembly, or kitting is needing to be done. It doesn’t add all that much value to the overall operation of the facility or bottom line, but it must be done.

Most managers don’t want to utilize their full-time labor to complete these tasks because they are generally being paid at a higher rate. This doesn’t make sense fiscally. Instead, a staffing company is called to bring in hourly temporary labor. At the end of the deadline, the work that was needing to get done, might get done, but how productive were those projects? Did you end up losing money because of unproductive labor?

There were probably expensive hourly supervisors watching over the hourly associates too. The hourly associates most likely weren’t working at optimum level. Your staff had to track all the hours and make sure everyone was showing up on time (another cost that most don’t think about). Who has time for all that? You have a facility and business to run!

How does this tie back to mowing? At Acción we help companies implement Cost Per Unit (CPU) labor models.  When you hire a 3rd party to mow your lawn at home, generally the following happens:

  • You want it done. You don’t care how many workers the company uses to mow your lawn, you expect it completed and taken care of.
  • You pay per mowing. You do NOT pay per hour for each employee that shows up.
  • You trust them to be skilled. You don’t have to be home and watch over the mowers to make sure they were mowing correctly.
  • You have more time. You can spend more time on other things, other valuable tasks with in your household that you enjoy.

The same is true with Acción’s CPU labor model:

  • We get it done. Productivity driven and seasoned, our crew that has worked on many re-work and assembly tasks in the past.
  • You pay only for what you need. You are paying for productivity, NOT hours. We will make sure we flex up or down to ensure we hit your production needs. Your CPU price stays the same.
  • We provide you with experienced, bi-lingual team leads that will lead a crew in each area to ensure your process if followed and the project is done correctly.
  • We free up more time for your “revenue generating” areas. Ability for you to utilize supervisors or other full time employees to work in “revenue generating” areas of your business because there is no need to supervise our team

With yard work this summer, you have the option of paying someone else to do it. Why not take the same mindset into your business too?

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