What is Building More Alignment?

Alignment is key for Accion.  Our structure is what differentiates us from a typical temp provider. Following the car analogy, you’re not just putting new tires on the car (i.e. changing temp providers) – get new tires AND get the alignment done – otherwise it will be a rough ride as you’re not addressing the key issue of alignment.

What makes us “aligned” – running our business like yours?

  1. Scope of work
  2. Paid by output or deliverables – not hours and headcount – this is significant. Measurable and quantifiable — “we’re doing good”  – how good?  What does that mean?  Scorecard and QBR’s
  3. Managed Solution – always floor level leadership (lead, Supv…)
  4. Pay plans that are aligned to your metrics – commercial alignment how Accion is paid (SOW, price per unit) and how our employees are paid – for the same things that are important to you.

Accion’s performance based labor model is not designed around headcount and hours but rather output, deliverables – YOUR key metrics… Don’t just change the tires – have your car’s wheels balanced and aligned as well for the best drive possible… Because being properly aligned allows us to help reduce headcount and hours along with waste, and focus on maximize employee effort – doing more with less – just like your company.