It’s a simple question with a complex answer. If you’re like most businesses, your daily operations involve non-core, time-intensive activities. Imagine if you could focus your time, strategy, and resources on your core business. With Acción, you can.
Our performance-based workforce solutions allow you to be more productive. With greater efficiency comes lower labor costs and improved quality.
We drive operational results with these unique labor models.

Cost per Unit Solution (CPU)

Accion delivers a wide range of labor solutions to our clients on a fixed, cost per unit.  On pricing includes management, training, and engineering resources.  Flexible labor, but with more accountability to perform.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower costs through better productivity
  • Focused Resources
  • An accountable workforce

Earned Hour Solution

Accion bills for labor based off an earned hour that is tied to our client’s standards – tying our performance to how we are paid.  We then leverage the existing LMS (Labor Management System) to track, measure, and bill based off our employees’ performance.  Can be a great fit for distribution centers with multiple tasks and activities based off of one rate – the earned hour.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple, easy to track and manage
  • Helps track off-standard or non-productive time
  • Ties to your standards

Project Based Labor Solutions

Accion is well versed in handling various types of projects: large or small production runs, last minute, on-going, or specialized.  From a few days to several months, Accion can handle your project.  Typically done on a cost per unit basis, our team can provide pricing quotes within 24-48 hours by working off of a BOM (Bill of Material) or samples.  Projects can be done on-site in your facility, or off-site at Accion’s project warehouse.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick, Responsive labor solution for your project needs
  • Guaranteed cost per unit
  • Managed Solution

Off-Site Solutions

Accion has a dedicated 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse for those projects when you just don’t have the time or space for it.  We are able to run multiple projects on a 24/7 basis within our facility, offering our clients the flexibility and turn-key solution they need.