Indianapolis Medical Device Manufacturer

The Challenge

A medical device manufacturer in the Indianapolis market needed to assemble and package a large number of retail based devices in a short window of time.

  • Project had a tight time-line due to the retail schedule of the devices.
  • High training costs due to the turnover of production staff.
  • Inefficient work flow set up that created bottlenecks in two specific sections of the line.

The Solution

Acción Peformance managed the production line of the medical device manufacturer.

  • A fixed cost per unit was applied.
  • Set qualified teams were brought in to enhance the productivity levels.
  • A new project layout was designed to improve the bottlenecks in the production flow.

The Result

  • Productivity increases of 75%.
  • Annual cost savings of $800K.
  • Work cell is co-managed by Acción and medical device manufacturer

The partnership has allowed parties to work up the value stream to create additional efficiencies including quality and shipping.

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