Performance Based Workforce

Accion’s performance based labor model is designed to outperform straight hourly workers. We incorporate Lean concepts into our model – eliminating waste, doing more with less while offering continuous improvement.

How We Produce Results

Focused Resources

  1. Active floor level supervision to help drive the performance level you need and we need.
  2. Training resources to help reduce the learning curve.
  3. Engineering resources
  4. Operations Managers for oversight – all an extension of your team and an integral part of our solution. No more diluting your own staff (supervisors, HR, trainers, etc.) to handle temp issues or seasonal hires. Now, you can keep focus on your valuable employees. Accion’s performance based labor model mitigates a lot of the co-employment risk through its structure (SOW) and Supervision elements – a true managed solution.

Improved Productivity

Linking effort and performance to pay motivates our workforce to be productive while doing quality work.  Typically we see a significant improvement in pace while maintaining or improving quality – think of that impact on your output and delivery metrics/scorecard.

Reduced Labor Costs

Every company is looking for cost savings and a competitive advantage in today’s economy.  Accion can be your competitive advantage – our clients see 10-15% reduction in labor costs through less headcount, OT reduction and avoidance, we’re working smarter and harder.