What is Building More Clarity?

Accion’s approach to temp labor (or flexible labor) brings unmatched clarity to your operation.

How do we build more “clarity”?

  1. Clarity in Cost – Clarity on invoicing, hidden costs, bottlenecks, downtime….. With Accion – you know what you are paying for!  Accion offers Performance based pricing – typically a cost per unit or Earned Hour measured against an engineered standard – makes it clear as to what your labor costs are.There is hourly billing for downtime, delay, – and this sheds light on hidden costs  that are usually buried in traditional temp model billing  and lost in the countless names and hours worked. Bottom line – you pay Accion when we perform – and we bring to light hidden waste in the labor and the operation with this approach to pricing.
  2. Clarity in Performance – Because we are performance based, we use scorecards and Quarterly Business Reviews to further quantify how we are performing…. We define that based on your KPI’s
  3. Clarity in Focus – Focus on your own valued and highly compensated employees.  No need to dilute your talent to deal with seasonal ramp ups or temp issues.  Clear line of distinction and mitigates co-employment risks.  Accion recruits, trains and manages our workforce – so you don’t have to!