What is Building More Accountability?

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How do we build more “accountability”?

ACCOUNTABILITY.  At the company level.

Accion is paid based on the productivity and effectiveness of our employees and supervisors.  Think about that…. If Accion performs at 60% productivity – then that’s what we’re paid for.  Built in penalty for not performing… Talk about putting “skin in the game”. We rework errors due to our workmanship at our cost – not yours.  That’s not your typical temp provider’s guarantee.

Accion has to EARN your business every shift, every day, every week –

ACCOUNTABILITY. At the Employee level.

Incentive pay plans in place. Motivated workforce.  Fair base wage plus an incentive for effort/output.  Holds our employees accountability to our team… and yours.  Come back from break on time, start their shift on time, discourages slacking off when the supervisor is not watching — its not for everyone but we find the better workers in the labor market welcome this level of accountable.